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About Us

Scipio Systems is a strategic consulting, technology services company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We deploy the optimal people, expertise, and technologies to help customers improve their business processes. Scipio Systems is committed to creating innovative and flexible Pega BPM solutions. Scipio Systems is committed to deliver 100% quality, we are a TEQ company.

  • We are Transparent throughout the software development life cycle
  • We Enable our client’s resource to ensure transparency and quality
  • We guarantee 100% Quality

Our Mission

To transform your organization by our expertise, quality and innovative solutions

We achieve our mission by:

Streamline work process
To streamline work process and improve workflow, at Scipio Systems we follow a 10-step process:

  • Analyze the current workflow

  • Identify key areas of focus

  • Break down the process

  • Prioritize

  • Document

  • Automate the work process

  • Test new workflow

  • Adjust

  • Put new workflow into play

  • Refine

Integrate Business Information
Business integration is driving the present-day organizations and is a key catalyst for growth. It allows Scipio Systems to leverage the existing processes, people, technology, and information to stay ahead of the competition.

Provide crucial insights
At Scipio Systems we understand that Pega technology can automate a lot of data analysis. It can even take this a step further and simulate some of our thought processes. That being said, it is a human process to provide crucial insights to interpret what is happening.

To accelerate the process of generating and delivering insights, Scipio Systems performs the following steps:

  • Define value: Understanding the value that our insights will add.

  • Experts: Understanding the value that our insights will add helps us engage with what the person requesting the information is trying to do. When we are informed and engaged, we build a more relevant and more focused analysis plan.

  • Visualize analysis: Be specific about what we need to analyze. This involves visualizing what our analysis will look like once it is finished.

  • Analyze: when we perform data analysis, we focus on trends rather than single data points because trends give you a more reliable view of what’s happening.

  • Conclude: Once we have developed some good insights, the next step is explaining what is happening and how the business should respond. The actions suggested in our insights will give you confidence in our proposal.

Promote collaboration and teamwork
At Scipio Systems collaboration is a key factor. We provide an environment where all team members are free to communicate and work together. At Scipio Systems our environment is very focused on collaboration that’s why our team members feel part of something bigger than themselves. We feel that the best way to transition from an individual to a collaborative mindset is to equip each team member for active participation in the group dynamic.

Scipio Systems cultivate team cohesion by:

  • Creating a clear and compelling cause:

  • Communicating expectations:

  • Establishing team goals:

  • Identifying and leveraging team-member strengths:

  • Fostering cohesion between team members:

  • Encourage Innovation:

  • Keeping promises and honor requests:

  • Encouraging to socialize outside of work

  • Recognizing and rewarding collaborative behavior

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At Scipio Systems transparency begins with sales. Even earlier. but because it’s the first time when we can speak to you. It’s a good practice to invite the delivery team (product owners, business analysts) to the meeting. This is your chance to meet the people who will take care of the product. At Scipio Systems, we go even further. Sometimes we even bring our principal software engineer to give you an inside on how to tackle the project from the technical standpoint.

When we agree on details, the talk about pricing begins. You should always know what the pricing covers and why. What will happen in every sprint, how much a specific functionality will cost. How much time we need to develop a minimum lovable product (MLP), the finished application. Every single functionality!